The Insider’s Introduction

Starting this blog is long overdue, and I’ve felt a bit hypocritical over the last few weeks of promoting my book. Ideally, if you intend to publish a book, you should have your blog up and running six months or a year before you publish your book–or even longer, if you’re really on top of it. That said, I definitely think “better late than never” with pretty much all aspects of book promotion. At some point, I’ll talk about the Long Runway, but for now, rest assured that book promotion doesn’t happen all at once, and you really do have to go at your own pace.


I’ve been an editor for nine years, and a writer for much longer than that. It has been fascinating watching the publishing industry change in that time. One of the most exciting changes has been the rise of tools and opportunities for writers to publish their own work. That said, it took me years working at a publisher, collaborating with a great team to feel comfortable with the publishing process. Writers who try to publish their own work can be at a big disadvantage in that there is a steep learning curve, and it’s easy to make a lot of mistakes with your first book. I teamed up with Eric Kampmann to write a book about the publishing process to create a guide for writers who are going through it. The Insider’s Guide to Book Publishing Success is meant as a companion for writers who are publishing their work.


I’ll be posting information from the book here, as well as posting links and discussing issues in publishing today. It’s meant to be a resource for writers, publishers, and self-publishers.


Until next time!


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