Blog Tour!

I’ve had a lot of experience publishing, editing, and marketing books, but it feels very different from the other side. I think having the experience of being the author will make me a better (and more empathetic) editor/publisher/book marketer. I never realized before how challenging it is to do a blog tour, and write  many posts on a subject in a short period of time without becoming redundant–or worse–dull.

My publicist and I are still developing the tour, but we’re in the thick of it right now, so I thought I should put the schedule out there for interested parties.

Previous stops

Gotham Ghostwriters interviewed me about the book way back before publication.

I wrote about How to Bust Up Your Writer’s Block for Huffington Post earlier this month.

In ancient history, I wrote about how to crash a book for Publishing Perspectives a while back.


Today, I wrote a piece for The Writer’s [Inner] Journey about the pros and cons of working with a co-author, and how to deal with creative differences.

In the Future

Going forward, there are a few more stops scheduled.

February 26th, I’ll be doing an interview with NovelRocket.

March 6th, I’ll be tackling the very exciting subject of how the little guys can compete in this very challenging publishing climate for Write on Fiction Now.

There might be a few additional surprise stops. I’ll keep this updated as that develops.

This is very exciting for me! I’m thrilled to have the chance to share some of what I’ve learned about publishing with writers who are thinking about publishing their own work.


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